2019 Midwest Ms Olympus Leather - Ama Endless

ama ms mwol 2019

It's time for something a little more goofy, and a hell of a lot more cute. Ama Endless is a slave, Mommy, best friend, pony, and educator but seems to savor life most as a puppy. A blue merle corgi, to be specific. She is a proud member of the HardPink Sisterhood, and can usually be found at one of Chicago's many fine play spaces either teaching something or just taking a vicious beating. (She loves those.) She is collared to her MOTH: Master, Owner, Trainer and Handler, Master Jon with whom she shares a wicked and warped sense of humor, and just recently celebrated becoming his wife. Her girlfriend and babygirl are the same woman, a lovely kitten named Yuki. Ama is a masochist with a passion for heavy and hard impact, as well as fire, suction, biting, oral fixation and vaginal stretching play. She has held two titles in the puppy track but realized the contingent of kink that needed her most was Leather women and girls. Hugs ALWAYS welcome, this is Ama Endless!