Midwest Olympus Leather 2018 Wraps Up

On Friday February 9th Midwest Olympus Leather kicked off an amazing weekend in Columbus, Ohio at The Highball Tavern. The casual Meet and Greet atmosphere was turned on end when some sexy male strippers and the beautiful Jada stepped on stage. We are pretty sure there wasn’t a dry seat in the house! 

The next morning, classes were held at The Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression. Topics ranged from Dollification, Self-care for submissives/slaves, Recovery in the Lifestyle, The Way of the PReP Warrior, Figging and Caning, and to wrap it all up an open Leather panel that invites everyone to come together and ask any questions of any person in the room regarding contests, titles, and the Leather community. 

Later that evening the group headed back to The Highball to cheer on Dylan Dwiyn as he answered pop questions, presented a speech, and gave us some Highlander love ala Queen medley with a live action sword fight as part of his fantasy. Emcee for the evening, Matt O’Toole (Int. MX Olympus Leather 2017 & MR Midwest Olympus Leather 2016), did an amazing job keeping the crowd entertained! There were Jell-o shots, an event bootblack Pup Bjorn, a 50/50 raffle and live baskets auctioned throughout the night. The seven people keeping an eye on the prize this year included: Brian “Bolt” Donner, Sir Justin St Clair, Sir Steel (2017 MR Olympus Leather), Robyn (Int. MS Olympus Leather 2013 & Great Lakes MS Olympus Leather 2012), Sir Scott MK, Professor Monolith, and finally Vonn Tramel (International Olympus Leather Producer). Though Dylan was the only contestant for the event, he left it all on the stage and accumulated well over the 70% points required to earn the title MR Midwest Olympus Leather 2018.

The fun didn’t stop there, on Sunday attendees headed back to The Space for a Keynote Brunch. The showing was small for its first year but the food was amazing and the camaraderie was well needed. Vonn’s words were those of love and support for each other especially for those who are newer to the community. She presented each person a stone reading “Power in Presence” to remind us all to be in the moment. As the new Producer for Midwest Olympus Leather Weekend, I am overjoyed, and the continued support of this region helps me to continue building the family vibe that keeps Olympus Leather together. 

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Midwest Olympus Leather Producer